This is the big one!!

BOOMZ!! Singapore’s 46th Birthday is creeping up next Tuesday and to help everyone out of their sobriety we’ve done the unthinkable!

We’ve sunk prices for two of our most popular requests for a very limited time with a limited number of bottles as well so you guys will need to call your friends and tie some plans down pronto before we run out of our allocated bottles!

Our Bombay Sapphire will be going for $59 while our Chivas Regal 12 years will be on the block for $78!

You’re not seeing it wrong…there’s really no place you can get them at a better price.

You think that’s good? What about the fact that we aren’t going to charge you anything for delivery (for evening delivery)? That’s nuts (and that’s why we’re doing this for a very limited period)! We’re even scheduled two delivery timings so that you busy bees can choose which timing fits your schedule best.

Whether you’ve taken Monday off for a long weekend or planning a evening with your friends in the evening on Tuesday instead, you’ll find this offer pretty darn awesome!

Just make sure you guys read the Terms & Conditions first before buying! Got a special request? Let us know and we’ll see what we can do to make it happen!

Terms & Conditions

1. This offer is strictly for email orders only to

2. There will be two scheduled delivery dates, and two timings within them:

Fri, 5th Aug & Mon, 8th Aug

a. 1300hrs to 1500hrs

b. 2000hrs to 2200hrs

Orders will need to come in at least 12 hours before the desired delivery window. The last email order will be accepted at noon on Monday (order will be delivered during the last window).

3. *Deliveries within 1300hrs to 1500hrs will have a $5 delivery charge

4. Offer will stand while stocks last!


Post-Beerfest: What craft beer to add to our list?

Beerfest weekend is over, and what a blast we had!

Friendly people all huddled together holding a cold brew in their hand is the perfect ingredients for a night of partying.

The Black dog team managed to get through the weekend passing a handful of name cards out to like-minded patrons who loved our idea of enjoying their alcohol of choice in the comfort of their own home with friends (we met someone who was so impressed with our idea that he bought us all a beer each, thanks Kelley!).

We took pictures, we spent the cash, we customarily made small talk with the brand girls and spooked them off, then proceeded with big talks with the various suppliers at the event.

While we found a few beers and ciders we loved, we’re still in a little bit of a situation with what we want to add in to our list.

We’re trying to go the craft beer way to support the smaller brewers who showed over the weekend that beer could come in any flavour and still sell well. Some were strong some were light, some were fruity some were hoppy…we were kinda split between what we liked so we figured we’d get you guys to tell us what you liked and once we narrow down the options, unveil what we’ll be adding in.

So if you were one of the thousands that hit the Formula 1 Pit building area over the four days the event ran, let us know what you liked and what you want to see on our list next.

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*Picture courtesy of Kronenbourg 1664 Singapore

We’re here! Black Dog Delivery is all go!

Got a party in the evening and you’re too busy to head down to the shops to purchase your stash of liquor? Your friends and you have the sudden urge to grab a drink at home late in the evening but all the shops are closed?

It’s funny how just a few months ago the guys that started Black Dog and their friends faced the same problems. And it gets worse!

Alcohol runs out at a party and no one is capable of driving to pick up more. A special someone tells you they’re coming over your place for the evening and you’re liquor cabinet is empty. You’re having a BBQ and everyone’s too lazy to leave the good company to get drinks.

It’s an all too common situation and it was one we seemed to be facing when we got together over the weekends. So it got us thinking.

What if we could start a service where we’ll have a sizable list of alcohol, provide friendly and timely service people would love, and round both up by slapping prices that would make them think twice about hitting the stores.

You’re talking about liquors, beers, the different variations of wine (red, white and sparkling) and Champagne with most prices matching or bettering (lower) the various supermarket and convenience establishments surrounding you!

You’ll never need to leave the comfort of your home or friends ever again! If you’re heading home from work on Friday evening and looking to end it perfectly with your favourite bottle of red, give us a ring on the way back and we’ll get it to your doorstep in no time!

Anything, anywhere, anytime.

We aim to please, so if ever you need to specially request for something may it be a unique product or as a surprise for someone, just let us know and our friendly staff will handle the rest.

So the next time you find yourself in need of alcohol, think of Black Dog Alcohol Delivery, your personal alcohol solution!